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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 30, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. super scare. growing fears of a measles outbreak in arizona as thousands of people from all over the country pour into the state for the super bowl. doctors telling anyone with symptoms to stay away. the nfl protecting its players. medical students at the big game monitoring fans for symptoms. the cdc's new warning this morning. also happening now, the bitter blast. the winter storm dumping more snow on the hard-hit northeast this morning. dangerous roads and temperatures cold enough to freeze seawater and the new storm on the way that could bring below zero temperatures to millions more. >> oh my gosh. "gma investigates." the new crash tests that could change the rules for school bus safety around the country. what officials saw in these tapes that could make the buses safer for children. >> nothing in my performance
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will be deflated. >> and katy perry spilling the fireworks ready to roar with a jaw-dropping performance and who is her wild mystery guest? the "gma" super bowl party kicks off right now. ♪ yeah we're feeling it. we're ready. happy friday everybody. great to have david in for george and have dan in for amy because amy, she's in the place to be. she's in phoenix right now leading our super bowl blow-out coverage. >> i don't know what it is. i always seem to turn out for "gma" whenever there is a party going on here. >> there's always a party. >> there's always a party here. >> thank goodness. any questions you have about football dan harris is here. >> thank goodness. >> in-house expert. >> is that the sport you played? >> exactly. >> we'll work on this.
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>> it was that or badminton. >> commercial break david and i will have a little talk. >> i feel like michael will put me in his pocket. >> not at all. >> this video coming in. this is incredible. the crazy scene in san diego overnight, a hot air balloon making an emergency landing on the street. six members of a wedding party on board. they're all going to have quite a story. that's the way to get a marriage started. >> right to the measles. growing fears of a major outbreak. the cdc issuing that new warning. new cases emerging in arizona and, of course there's worry with things getting worse there possibly with thousands of people visiting right now for the super bowl. abc's cecilia vega is in glen dale arizona, the site of the big game. she has the latest. good morning, cecileiacecilia. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. a million people will pour into phoenix for this big game and as they do these tourists descending health officials are struggling to contain a highly contagious measles outbreak. as super bowl weekend begins an
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alarming new warning, doctors telling anyone exposed and not vaccinated from measles to stay away from public places for 21 days hoping to prevent this from turning into a supersized outbreak. >> a big thing with measles, it's extremely contagious and nine out of ten people exposed to a person with measles who aren't already protected are going to come down with the measles themselves. >> reporter: the university of arizona sending medical students to the game to help spot people with measle-like symptoms this as doctors in arizona are racing against the clock to find others who may have been exposed to the highly contagious virus which can spread just from coughing and sneezing. health officials now warning this is a critical point in this outbreak saying as many as 1,000 people here could be at risk. the epicenter of the outbreak california. health officials say an un unvaccinated family was infected when they visited disneyland. then a woman exposed to them
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became ill and last week she went to a phoenix area clinic and may have exposed 195 children to this highly contagious virus. >> anyone who was in the phoenix children's east valley clinic was actually potentially exposed while the woman was in that clinic area. >> reporter: the cdc reports 84 cases of measles nationwide. across 14 states in just the past month. the real concern is how contagious measles is. it can be contracted by inhaling it hours after an infected person has left the area which makes scenarios like this one a potential breeding ground. robin. >> cecilia, thank you. that's why we'll talk to abc's dr. richard besser about that. going to the stadium, how big of a risk is that? >> the risk is very very small. there are 84 cases, they're spread out around the country. in arizona those seven cases are mainly in one family so your risk is very very small in that stadium and if you're vaccinated your risk is really nonexistent.
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>> talk about that a little bit. those vaccinated against those who are not. >> if you've been vaccinated against measles and exposed to it your chance of getting it is 1%. if you haven't been 90%. the vaccine really really works. >> so drastic the difference. >> incredible. >> we've heard the health officials say if you have the symptoms stay at home but what are the symptoms? >> people think about the rash but the early symptoms of measles, fever, cough, runny nose pink eye. that's what they'll look at. you can have that for four days before the rash. if you have those stay home and watch the game on tv. >> i know you're tipping to get a lot of questions on twitter about it. back on it again today. >> for sure. >> that new round of snow falling with many still digging out from the monster storm earlier in the week and bitter cold moving in just in time for the weekend and ginger tracking it all and the plains had such a rough time. >> they did. even if it is just ice and a little know this can happen. planes going off the runways in west michigan and look at this. near pittsburgh about an inch
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to 3 inches around there but, again, accidents reported and now that snow has moved into the northeast and new england this morning, so on top of whatever you already have you can see some heavy snow totals coming in again throughout the morning hours. look at maine. they'll pick up six plus in some of those places. behind it it's not warm. tomorrow morning get ready to be ooh, so cold. boston after another storm, subzero for actual temperatures. philadelphia washington, d.c. and chicago on sunday this is the new storm, a little messy in the morning if you're going to a party anywhere from ohio through pennsylvania into new jersey sunday night into monday, big super bowl night, we are watching another snowstorm here in the northeast. david and robin. >> i know you're keeping a close eye on it thank you. to a surprising scare in the air. a flight forced to make an emergency landing after the pilot was locked out of the cockpit. here he is explaining to passengers what's going on. questions this morning about how this could have happened.
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abc's david kerley is at reagan national airport for us. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we've heard about a lot of strange things in aircraft and you can add this one to the list. this morning, an exclusive look inside what became an unusual delta flight shortly before final approach the pilot in the cabin tells everyone he's locked out of his own cockpit. >> the pilot got on the intercome system and said you know unfortunately, i have some bad news i had to go to the bathroom and when i came back out i got locked out of the cockpit. the doors jammed. >> he can't get back in to rejoin the first officer on the flight they started in minneapolis so the co-pilot is alone, a solo landing. the tower alerted so ground crews are ready for what they consider is an emergency landing. a landing without problems for the 168 passengers. >> the whole aircraft just started applauding hollering and hooting. people saying thank god. >> reporter: the only snag the ground steering controls are on the captain's side so the jet
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towed to the gate. they're all trained to land fully but this was without incident and delta says maintenance crews are taking a look at that cockpit door. now, the passenger that we talked to says that the captain came back and calmed everybody as they were getting ready to make that landing and says as he was leaving the maintenance crew found a piece of string that kept that door from opening, robin. >> a piece of string? that's what -- >> reporter: that's what they're saying. not from delta, just from the passengers. >> thank you very much david. >> never fun when the pilot is walking serving the drinks. >> no not a good sign. i know he's meant to calm them. now to weekend "gma" anchor dan harris with the other top stories. we start with breaking news out of l.a. a music industry mogul under arrest after a deadly hit-and-run. suge knight who's had run-ins with the law in the past held on $2 million braille accused of running down his own friend and
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here's abc's brandi hitt. >> reporter: overnight music mogul suge knight turning himself in to los angeles county sheriff's deputies. knight behind the wheel of a hit-and-run in compton, california that left one man dead and another man injured. the incident now being investigated as a homicide. >> i seen suge knight turn around and go to his car and ran him over twice. >> reporter: knight allegedly hitting the two men with his red pickup then backing over them before leaving. >> people we talked to said it looked like it was an intentional act. >> reporter: his attorney confirmed he was behind the wheel but said it was an accident and he was attacked by two others and trying to escape when he mowed down the victims. >> no comment. >> reporter: james blatt said the man who died was his friend terry carter the other man was not seriously hurt. it's just the latest incident for knight who last august was shot inside a packed west hollywood nightclub. knight making a full recovery. for "good morning america,"
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brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> brandi thank you. overseas and the taliban is claiming responsibility for an attack that killed three americans in the capital of afghanistan. a gunman dressed up as an afghan police officer opened fire on the contractors at the airport in kabul. mystery surrounds the fate of a japanese journalist and pilot from jordan. both captured by isis. a deadline for a prisoner swap that would spare their lives passed with no word from the terror group. police on capitol hill are now reviewing their security after anti-war protesters interrupted this senate hearing swarming the former secretary of state henry kissinger. a advicely angry senator john mccain let the protesters have it. >> you know you're going to have to shut up or i'm going to have you arrested. if we can't get the capitol hill police in here immediately. get out of here you low-life scum. >> whoa. mccain complained that the police did not move quickly enough. we're going to switch gears now as we dip into what amy robach
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calls the stupid criminal file. look at these guys stealing from an atm in a casino in canada. after breaking in with a crowbar they load it on to a dolly but one trips and the atm falls right on top of him. >> oh boy. >> this is actually the best part. adding insult to injury, the atm was actually empty. yes. just what you deserved. finally we've all seen those official nasa portraits of astronauts dressed up in their orange jumpsuits. usually serious affair with the exception of this guy, legal land melvin who admits he sneaked his dogs jake and scout into the photo studio and after this shot went viral he posted this one where the dogs are behaving just a little bit better. want to share two details that make you love him more. one, those are strays that he adopted after they wandered into his backyard and, two, being an astronaut and going to space was actually his backup plan after
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he was drafted into the nfl but had to bail out after injuries. he pulled a hammy. >> wow. top that strahan. >> nice. >> there you go. >> i'm not doing bad myself. >> all right. >> absolutely. >> a large glass of modesty with that. >> he said get that weak stuff out of here. >> all right now. it's friday folks but now to "gma's" super bowl blow-out just two more days until the seattle seahawks take on the new england patriots in what's become a drama-filled super bowl before the game was played from deflate-gate to questions about tom brady's health. amy is in phoenix for us this morning. she has all the details for us. good to see you, amy. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, robin here at the nfl experience where organizers are expecting more tan a million people over the next several days fans can immerse themselves in everything football. all that drama off the feel
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well it's not slowing down the excitement and the anticipation for the real action come sunday. in phoenix, this morning, preparation for battle. >> end zone touchdown. >> reporter: the patriots and three-time super bowl winning quarterback tom brady getting set to face off against the seattle seahawks and the best defense in the nation. >> thrown to the ground. >> reporter: but off the field the super bowl buildup has been more like a soap opera plagued by scandal like never before. >> does it bother you at all there is a national perception that the patriots are just a bunch of cheaters. >> yeah right now our focus is totally on the seattle seahawks in this game. >> reporter: with deflate-gate investigations looming for another couple of weeks, all eyes and cameras will be on those footballs. the nfl says there will be extra security involving the balls which will be tested three hours before kickoff. after that neither team will have access to them until game time. >> the patriots are going to lose in this situation because there is a less informed part of
7:14 am
the audience the crowd that says well if they lost it's because they couldn't do anything with the balls. if they win the game they're not going to give me credit because that's how they got there. >> marshawn lynch. >> reporter: meanwhile it's not a running seahawk but a running nose providing another distraction for brady. he's battling a cold seen wiping his nose with his sleeve wednesday but thursday assuring fans he'll be 100% come sunday. >> glad it happened early in the week and i'm feeling a lot better. >> reporter: not getting better. marshawn lynch's relationship with the media. >> i'm here so i won't get fined. >> reporter: after holding his tongue all week he forced un unwillingly to go in front of the cameras against thursday but still refusing to answer any questions. >> y'all can go and make up whatever qualcomm stadium want to make up because i don't say enough for you to put anything out on me. >> reporter: with sunny skies in the forecast and ticket prices expected to be the highest in super bowl history, more than $8,000 just to get in sports fans hope both teams can sideline the scandal and leave
7:15 am
the drama for the field. and right now, the drama is the weather. you see, that's actually a poster behind me. those blue skies, we haven't been seeing much of those. it is a total washout right now so we are keeping our fingers crossed that sunny skies will prevail eventually but it's not dampening the excitement. all the pregamers out there having a lot of fun, so we'll have more on that coming up later in the broadcast. >> i was going to say she's at the super bowl and we're not so we're still jealous. thanks, amy. better get tom brady tissues. felt bad for him. espn football analyst and former nfl quarterback jesse palmer. you would know better than anyone. when you go out on to that field are you able to block out all the drama of deflate-gate and everything else when they head out there sunday? >> there's a lot going on and a lot to look forward to. intriguing story lines that starts with seattle and their defense, the legion of boom the best in the nfl led by richard
7:16 am
sherman, one of the most outspoken players facing off against tom brady and the new england patriots. a lot of talk this week about the legacy of tom brady. if he wins this game it's his fourth super bowl championship many would consider him the greatest quarterback to ever play in the national football league of course there's another quarterback playing, as well that's russell wilson of seattle. no quarterback has won more games in his first three seasons in the nfl. these are the two best teams in the national football league this year facing off, lots of big name star power. i believe super bowl xlix is going to live up to the hype david. >> wow. you gave us a lot to look forward to jesse. some you know oh too well michael strahan, got that super bowl -- not little. big super bowl ring you're sporting. do you agree that once the games -- the distractions we talk about go to the wayside. >> once they kick off it's still just football after that. no fan can help you. it's just about you and your teammates and what you do on the feel. then on the field actually the best place to be because all
7:17 am
those things are gone. there are no distractions. you enjoy that part. everything leading up to the game, that's what you don't enjoy, we saw it with marshawn lynch. >> do you have a pick in the game jesse? >> putting me on the spot again, robin. you did this to me a couple of weeks ago in dallas but michael strahan, my old teammate will love what i'm about to say. defense wins championships. i'm a former quarterback. >> yeah, they do. >> i cannot believe i just did that. seattle is the best and have been the best last three years. i think russell wilson and mar shaufrn limp will play great but the defense will be the story. i don't even know who i am anymore, guys. >> thank you, jesse. we'll see if you're right this time because last time not so much. thank you for joining us. >> i love that he's not afraid. he's the best. >> he's right. i agree with him. my pick as well. >> of course. hey, we'll switch gears and talk about that hot air balloon forced to make an emergency landing.
7:18 am
maybe, ginger you can talk about that. ginger we do want to get to the weather right away. >> we're just going to tell you that like amy said it's raining in phoenix but let's get to the local forecast shall we? >> reporter: good morning, everyone, david murphy here with an update from accuweather. we do have storm tracker 6 live double scan showing the last of our overnight snow showers by the coast beginning to get away from us. there are others in berks county kind of moving east falling
7:19 am
apart, but you could get a light snow shower in allentown. temperatures are above freezing across the region. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows us an upside down day. we'll plunge to the 20s by dinnertime. glendale it's going to be really comfortable. the rain will be gone. mostly clear sky, temperature in the mid-60s so a nice one down there. >> the stadium, they had the retractible roof so it doesn't -- >> the roof. >> of all places chicago doesn't have one of those but yet -- that makes sense. >> makes no sense at all. more super bowl talk coming up this friday morning. also coming up on "gma," the murder trial of former new england patriots star aaron hernandez. it's getting under way. the damaging evidence revealed on the first day. also ahead, the ultimate ice climb, incredible video of a man scaling frozen niagara falls and we'll hear from him in an abc news exclusive. plus "gma investigates" the
7:20 am
new crash test that could change the rules on school bus safety around the country. coming up katy perry, yep, she's ready to roar. millions will be watching. how she's hoping to top some of the all-time great halftime shows we've seen before and something tells me she'll do just fine. she's no dark horse. >> no she's not. >> no, she's not. ♪ come on show them what you're worth ♪ ♪ make them go up up up ♪ whiten & protect toothpaste. this shell is made of calcium that can absorb stains. brush one side with regular whitening toothpaste and the other side with optic white. it whitens below the surface. and it can stay white! its whiteseal technology helps prevent stains from coming back. use colgate optic white whiten & protect along with the whole line for whiter teeth in one day.
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>> good morning i'm tamala edwards, 7:26, january 30, karen rogers it sounds like a slow go on the schuylkill expressway. >> reporter: we had accidents one westbound and one eastbound they have cleared. we're looking at the boulevard
7:27 am
westbound traffic is jamming from the boulevard to past gladwyn and eastbound is jammed from montgomery to girard. 21 minute ride, 29 minute ride westbound from the vine to the blue route. we have an accident county line road at warminster road. another lansdale, east main, oakland avenue. a disabled vehicle in bedminster, bucks county. 313, and apple butter road on the shoulder at the intersection. watch for that. >> let's go over to sky6 live hd and look out across center city. a lot of changing weather coming our way, david murphy. >> reporter: absolutely, now we have winds picking up a little bit. storm tracker 6 live double scan snow showers clearing the jersey coast. one in reading that's falling apart. temperatures on the chilly side, 35 in philadelphia. they will kind of tumble today we may get up to 38 later this morning, but then they drop with
7:28 am
winds gusting through the region throughout the northwest. it's winds and getting colder through the afternoon. 11 is the overnight low colder on saturday, sunday evening into monday, looks like we'll get accumulating snow. looks likely, how much is uncertain, but that's a time period to watch. >> coming up, we'll have more on the super bowl half-time. we'll see you in 30.
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7:30 am
good morning, america. and right now, growing fears about a measles outbreak in arizona. the cdc issuing a new warning as thousands of people from all over the country arrive in the phoenix area for the super bowl. also this morning, former nfl star aaron hernandez back in court facing murder charges as his trial begins. and "gma investigates" the new crash test that could lead to major changes in school bus safety. and we do say good morning, america. happy friday everybody. we got a lot to get to this friday morning. we have our big super bowl blow-out. amy is in phoenix for us and you got some news about katy perry's big halftime show amy. >> that's right. we have some new information just coming in into who that mystery guest may be. we'll have a name for you coming up. we also know that katy called bruno mars for halftime show advice. you saw bruin foe perform.
7:31 am
>> he put on a show. he was in some ways better than the game last year. all right, amy, we'll check back with you in just a bit. we'll begin with the murder trial of former new england patriot star aaron hernandez. opening arguments getting under way in massachusetts as his former team gets ready for the super bowl. abc's linsey davis here with that story. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning. prosecutors say pro bowler aaron hernandez and two of his friends picked up an acquaintance and killed him and their witness list of more than 300 people includes patriots owner robert kraft and head coach bill belichick. as for the defense they say there is no murder weapon and no motive. this morning, with his former teammates prepping for the game of their lives in sunday's super bowl former patriots star aaron hernandez sits in a massachusetts court charged with murder. >> the police and the prosecutors targeted aaron from the very beginning. >> reporter: hernandez chewing gum in court described by the prosecution as a killer who orchestrated the 2013 shooting
7:32 am
death of odin lloyd a semi professional football player who was dating the sister of hernandez's fiancee. >> you orchestrated or participated in the killing and covered up the killing. >> reporter: the 27-year-old's body found in a secluded field less than half a mile from hernandez's massachusetts home. prosecutors showing jurors a picture of lloyd's body his mother so overcome with grief she had to leave the courtroom. >> aaron hernandez was planning a future not a murder. >> reporter: the former tight end who has pleaded not guilty was 23 at the time of the murder. had a contract worth $40 million. >> touchdown, hernandez. >> reporter: he'd even scored a touchdown in super bowl xlvi but the prosecution painting a different picture of the athlete playing the surveillance video they say shows him getting in the car driven by hernandez shortly before his death and this image of hernandez holding in his left hand what the
7:33 am
prosecution says is a gun. >> the evidence will show that on june 15th, the defendant was unhappy with the victim. >> as soon as they found out that aaron hernandez was a friend of odin lloyd's, aaron never had a chance. >> under massachusetts law known as joint venture, prosecutors don't have to prove hernandez pulled the trigger, he can be convicted of murder if they can simply prove he was involved. now, if convicted he faces possible life behind bars even if he walks free he still faces two unrelated murder charges from back in 2012. >> they can't talk about those. >> jurors will not hear about ha. >> linsey thank you. we're going to turn to the ice climber who figured out a way to conquer a frozen anything false speaking out to abc about his incredible feat that once seemed impossible. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: the heart-pounding video setting pulses racing. 47-year-old will gadd scaling the frozen waters of niagara
7:34 am
falls clinging to a wall of solid ice, close enough to feel the spray of the pounding water just feet away. the athlete working with red bull the first person to ever attempt to climb the frozen section of the world's largest flowing waterfall. >> niagara falls, yeah. >> reporter: overnight the thrill-seeker speaking exclusively to abc news. >> there's nothing that feels better than climbing a blue icicle up into the sky, you know feel like jack and the beanstalk, definitely one of the highlights of my life and not just climbing career but life. you don't get many of those. >> reporter: watch as he slowly and deliberately makes the 15-story climb. calculating every move. using two picks and sheer strength. the terrain unsteady and unpredictable. giant chunks of ice falling past his head 150,000 tons of water
7:35 am
raceing past his head at 70 miles per hour. the veteran climber reaching the top of the falls in just about an hour. short on breath but full of life. >> whoo! >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news new york. >> that's just incredible. you see how close he was to the falls themselves. ginger you can tell us. how did he know the ice wouldn't break away. >> i'm not sure how he knew that. i don't know everything. but i do know that it is going to be a super cold forecast. you can make winter look beautiful and near watch these numbers fall, bam.
7:36 am
it will feel subzero up through new hampshire and vermont. buffalo 3, 9 in pittsburgh, 20 in washington, d.c. all right mild there too let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: west coast vacation looking better right now right. we have snow showers to the east clearing the coast. we have light ones in the northwest. we have a lie of 38 with a drop later on today. it's going to be cold. where those temperatures just the feels like those were actual temperatures. it will feel even colder than that. i got confused. >> we should ask max these question. >> yes, max knows all. max knows all. >> getting cold here on the set. >> what is in everybody's drink this morning? >> friday.
7:37 am
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welcome back and we continue now with hopefully teleprompter in the right place. there we go. 7:41 and "gma investigates" school buses and why the vast majority of them do not have seat belts. some saying that could prevent injuries and save kids' lives and now the government's auto safety agency tells abc he's taking a fresh look at the issue. abc's paula faris here now with that story and good morning to you, paula. >> good morning, lara. this morning the vast majority of school buses on the road taking our children to school are not equipped with safety belts. it can be a really confusing message to kids buckle up it's the law except on the school bus. but that could be changing. this is the inside of a school bus rolling over. luckily it's a crash test with dummies, not the real thing. >> oh my gosh. it's a school bus.
7:42 am
>> reporter: michael watkins was 9 when his school bus crashed into a bridge killing the driver one student and leaving dozens of other students injured including michael. >> i broke my leg. my femur. >> do you think he would have suffered the extent of those injuries had he been wearing a seat belt? >> all i know is he wasn't in one and he ended up with a broken femur two surgeries, a wheelchair walker therapy. >> reporter: u.s. regulations only require seat bells on small school buses, under 10,000 pounds and only 6 states require all school buses to be equipped with seat belts. so "gma investigates" was on the scene at a crash test run by one of the leading providers of seat bells in the school bus industry. inside 12 dummies, 8 unbelted. four belted. high-speed cameras capture what happens when a bus rams into a wall at 30 miles an hour. oh, my gosh. that was terrifying.
7:43 am
inside, take a look at this 6-year-old turned around without a seat belt. >> was this kid right here? regardless he flew out. >> reporter: they say in general when warned properly lap shoulder belts can reduce injuries and fatalities by 50%. and if you think that crash seemed bad, experts say a high-speed rollover crash could be catastrophic owe they moved those dummies to a second bus now five crash dummies, two belted. three unbelted. to see what might happen in a rollover. >> you can see that the two children that are belted they're in their compartments and they're safe the children that are unrestrained they're thrown throughout the vehicle and they hit hard surfaces. >> reporter: for years the national highway traffic safety administration has refrained from mandating seat belts on school buses saying that because of the way school buses are built, they're inherently safer than cars. and nhtsa has been concerned that the higher cost for buses would divert more students into cars driving up fatalities and
7:44 am
injury so we wanted answers. if seat belts save lives, why isn't there a federal mandate? >> this issue is going to be looked at to see whether or not there's more for us to do. seat bells unquestionably save lives. >> reporter: just weeks into his new role as nhtsa's top dog, mark rosekind is now promising a full review. is this an about-face for your agency? >> i'm the new guy, fresh eyes. does that mean we might change things we may. we're going to look for every action we can take to help kids be safer. >> and rosekind tells me he wants the agency to move swiftly and repeatedly said seat belts save lives. wondering how much it would cost nhtsa estimates $2.5 billion. >> seems to be worth it. >> thank you, paula. and, hey, see more of paula's report tonight on "nightline." coming up here on "good morning america," that incredible hot air balloon emergency landing we told you about before. we'll bring that to you.
7:45 am
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7:49 am
♪ baby you're a firework ♪ that halftime show at the super bowl is always one of the biggest highlights over the weekend. and let's go back to amy in phoenix for more. amy, how are you doing out there? >> great, michael. and katy said she spent months prepping for the best halftime show ever and although she's given us a few hipses we know this much. we will definitely hear her roar. ♪ beautiful day ♪ >> reporter: it's the ultimate supergig for any superstar. ♪ from michael jackson to madonna. ♪ and now -- ♪ baby you're a firework ♪ >> reporter: it's katy perry's turn. >> nothing in my performance will be deflated. >> reporter: this morning the megastar is revealing some of the secrets behind her big night. >> i think i'm probably the only person in super bowl halftime history that will ever bring both a lion and sharks to the
7:50 am
show. >> reporter: spilling some fiery new details about her wardrobe in all i'll say about my opening costume, it's going to be flaming hot. >> reporter: even taking a playful jab at marshawn lynch. >> i'm just here so i don't get fined. >> playing the super bowl is really the biggest honor you can bestow on an artist. it is literally the largest stage that any artist can play. ♪ >> reporter: and with over 100 million people watching anything can happen from janet jackson's wardrobe malfunction. >> by the end of this song. >> reporter: to the blackout that hit moments after beyonce dropped the mike and while we know lenny kravitz will make a cameo sunday katy promised a surprise act. ♪ work it ♪ >> reporter: a source telling the ap she'll work it on stage with missy elliott but perry's lips were locked. >> i think jaws will drop and
7:51 am
faces will melt. >> reporter: also in preparation for sunday kat combrchlt reveals she has a prebowl of thinfluencer mints and will washed down with a hundred boxes of papa john's so our party going on right now. so much more from phoenix. here's a great improve this! tip from lowe's. here's a crazy easy way to do it. cut paper templates and place, tap in the hooks and away with the paper and your gallery wall is perfect. to see more go to on yahoo! goodbye... now get free installation with a stainmaster carpet and pad purchase $499 or more at lowe's. our tent is falling... you got it? we need nails. anncr: with just five minutes' prep, campbell's oven sauces help you cook a real dinner
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7:56 am
>> good morning i'm tamala edwards, 7:56 on this friday, january 30. let's take a look at traffic with karen. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam right now we're looking live in south philadelphia. i-95 moving just fine. we'll have people leaving from wing bowl and we can see closures of i-95 related to the vice president motorcade we know he'll be speaking at 10:30 at the sheridan society hill. we have a water main break lower merion spring mill and lower gulph road stick to montgomery avenue instead. the second accident of the
7:57 am
morning where a car flipped over twice and landed upright all easton road, plumstead bucks county. avoid the area and expect crews on the scene. let's go outside and take a live look atlantic city, david murphy you say you'll feel the temperatures fall throughout the day. >> reporter: you are, we'll go up a little bit to about lunchtime, but the winds are getting stronger they will get stronger later and we'll see temperatures falling through the afternoon. right now we've got a snow shower off the coast finally over south jersey. there's another little guy pushing through reading and falling apart toward allentown. 35 in philadelphia. 31 in allentown. better than yesterday. the seven day from accuweather shows a high of 38 that will come up quickly later this morning or midday. the numbers will crash at the same time the winds pick up. i could see us being in the upper 20s by 6:00 p.m. and the 11 the overnight low and strong blustery winds cold tomorrow,
7:58 am
and chance of snow sunday evening into monday morning. >> counting the days until spring david. we'll send you to "g.m.a." we've got the story of a mayor turning around a famous trouble city. we'll see you at 7:30.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ firework ♪ good morning america. super bowl blow-out. it's our biggest and best halftime party ever. our team is here and at the big game. the ads about to explode your feed. all the top trending game day recipes for your party and michael's super bowl secrets revealed only here. also this morning, the new study about a flu remedy that could be a game changer. ♪ and incredible moment. former olympian amy van dyken about to do something that will astonish you. and "shark tank" your life. two appearing entrepreneurs about to win over robert with their career sideas. who will win the smackdown? you know why they're here.
8:01 am
part of our supershow as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ show as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ are you sure the super bowl isn't being played here? look at that crowd. oh they're supporting their seahawks and supporting their patriots. it's split 50 eye 50 and we are kicking off our super bowl blow-out right now. amy is there in phoenix at the nfl experience and we are getting excited for the big game amy. >> we've got our own game day gear on. >> we don't do this at night. that's for sure. we didn't want you to feel left out so we got a jersey for you, robach. and satellite delay. >> whoa. >> good catch. >> that was perfect.
8:02 am
>> and did you know you're hanging out with jesse palmer there. giving you some tips? >> i am. yes, he is. football. >> oh, boy. >> that was just because she knew we were going to make her throw a touchdown pass she was like -- pulled the plug herself. >> pulled the plug on the satellite feed. we'll get back to her. we have more with our incredible audience and some big patriot and seahawk fans here partying. all morning long in our social square fan cave. >> big and small. love the excitement. so a big hour ahead but we'll turn first to weekend "gma" anchor dan harris because amy is in phoenix. >> i got my jersey off. it was hard to get it off over these duds. >> take your jersey off. you're not ready for the game.
8:03 am
>> when michael tells you that you're definitely not ready for the game. still love you. we'll start with a new warning about that growing measles outbreak in the west. overnight we learned that some doctors in california are actually refusing to see children whose parents will not get them vaccinated and with new cases emerging in arizona, the cdc is now warning anybody with symptoms to stay away from sunday's super bowl. this year's outbreak already has spread to more people than doctors typically see in an entire year. we have new details about this explosion at a maternity hospital in mexico city. the death toll rising to three overnight. dozens of people injured. investigators blame a leak from a truck that was delivering gas at the time and look at this extraordinary image. a police officer rescuing one of several babies found in the rubble there. a frightening screening in san diego. a hot air balloon carrying a wedding party was forced to make a landing on a busy street. the pilot repeatedly tried to fire up the balloon before setting it down as cars scrambled out of the way.
8:04 am
luckily, nobody got hurt. we are hearing now from the jurors who delivered a swift verdict in that shocking rape case at vanderbilt university. they say for the most part their minds were made up early. abc's ryan smith has more. >> horror and disgust. >> reporter: this morning members of the jury that convict convicted brandon vandenburg and cory batey of sexually assaulting a female student in 201 telling abc news the cell phone video of the alleged attack shook them to their core. >> that's not fair. how could they do this to this young lady? there just can't be enough explanation for me. >> reporter: the prosecution argued the former football players and two other teammates brought the unconscious victim a neuroscience major to vandenburg's room after a night of heavy drinking. some of the men including batey sexually assaulting her with vandenburg encouraging the attack. >> i do hold him criminally
8:05 am
responsible. >> reporter: the verdict handed down after just three hours tuesday. jurors say they didn't buy the defense's argument that batey was too drunk. after having between 14 and 22 drinks to remember the incident. both men face decades in prison when they are sentenced in early march. as their case leaves a lasting impression on the men and women who helped decide their fate. >> i realize in such a short period of time so many young lives were utterly devastated. >> reporter: ryan smith, abc news new york. >> ryan thank you. much more from the vanderbilt jurors. exclusive new details tonight on "20/20." in medical news now some vindication for tamiflu. it can reduce flu symptoms by one day. may help some patient as void complications, however, researchers also warn this controversial drug does have serious side effects so as always consult your doctor. and finally, some inspiration on this friday morning. thanks to six-time olympic gold medal swimming amy van dyken.
8:06 am
last june an atv accident left her paralyzed from the waist down but today she is going back to work as a swimming analyst on the pac-12 network and says she's training in rehab harder than when she was winning medals. optimistic since her accident she's hopeful she will one day walk again and i believe with somebody like her it is entirely possible. >> oh gosh the pac-12 networks will have a full story on her. you have haveto see this. it was so inspirational and had pleasure spending time with her in her home right after she came out from rehab and said robin, when life hands you a lemon, you make lemoncello. >> right before the super bowl. "pop news," weather, but lara has the "morning menu" in the social square. >> that's right, david. it's all about this. get your game face on everybody. super bowl a special edition of
8:07 am
"pop news." in it come on down, we'll say and getting you fired up for the game with the hottest ads that you'll see and michael's secrets to winning it all. he's been there. he knows. then who will go first? robert is here with the coin toss. here are the contestants. go ahead. >> heads or tails. >> heads. >> yay! >> winner. it's always a winner when emeril is here. come on, guys. super snacks. for super bowl weekend. emeril style. here we go. let's do it. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, yeah. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by nexium 24 hour. available without a prescription. is that the new galaxy note 4? smooth intro man. and yes, that is the 5.7 inch note 4. with the best screen we've ever put in a phone. it's big enough for multi-tasking so you can get to all the important stuff. do you guys think i should start mccoy? yeah you start mccoy! look at the detail.
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♪ i'm so excited ♪ we are so excited and they are definitely excited out in times square. ready for the big game. great crowd with us. are you still -- are you getting ready for "pop news"? >> i am. >> studying over there. >> very very serious and this being the super bowl edition we need to get right to it. guys let's face the music. some of us have no clue on how to make a safe bet. i threw my pen. yes, i'm included. i learned the hard way during our lingo lesson and dan harris would agree. do not worry my fellow kitty cats. you could be waking up in vegas living the teenage dream if you're on the other side of bets happening. take your tip from kenny rogers. know when to hole them. these are some bets that have nothing to do with the game. what color will katy perry's
8:13 am
hair be. statisticians are setting odds 2-1 she'll start as a brunette. purple hair the dark horse. get it. odds 5-1. or you can put money on what song you think she'll kick off the show with. right now it's "roar" and "firework". other bets you can find what color you think the gatorade will be that's dumped on the winning coach's head. how many times does belichick side. >> that's an easy one. >> how many times will the term deflated balls be referred to? >> oh, boy. >> during the game. those are some of the bets happening right now. just a few of them. yeah could have gone on. so lots to do for those who know the game and those who don't. more evidence to support my theory this is not a popular scientific investigation, this is just a theory that animals are trying to communicate and dan harris is here today so i thought i would have him at the helm. he has a remarkable connection with cats. dan, i would like you to witness this and give us your opinion. >> okay. >> go ahead.
8:14 am
watch. [ cat sounds ] >> see whey mean dan. >> yes, i know exactly what they're saying. >> mossy and steena. >> they're saying feed me stupid human or i will destroy your couch. >> they were caught on tape chatting away for an hour. george may not agree, dan does and so do 58 million other youtube seussers. the video is a viral sensation. >> loves cats. >> i love cats. >> and they were having a very lengthy conversation robin. i think you can conclude and call stephanopoulos and let him know. >> i can't believe he missed. >> it's done. >> i'll give him his jersey and make that call. thank you. >> ginger with the latest on the forecast. >> let's check out some of the weekend getaways. i know a lot are thinking what will i do prior to this? maybe you're in miami. look a
8:15 am
down in the southwest until sunday not on sunday will be rain that's the big picture let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: all right ginger, thank you, david murphy here with an accuweather update. the snow showers to the west are falling apart and not doing that much. we have a fair amount of clouds this morning and sun will break through later on. temperatures are above freezing across the region. the high 38 is misleading in philadelphia. we'll hit that late in the morning or around midday. temperatures plunge on a strong gusty winds. tomorrow cold. snow sunday evening.
8:16 am
. we're saving a seat for you. and bring nachos buffalo wings when you come in. we're kicking back in our la-z-boy la-z-boys. it's not just the biggest weekend of the year for football it's the super bowl for ads, as well. abc's mara schiavocampo has a look at some of the best we've seen so far in an exclusive sneak peek at a new one. >> anybody need a ride to the big game. >> reporter: it's the big show sideshow. >> let's party! >> reporter: super bowl super ads that can be just as entertaining as the game itself. >> and it explodes. >> reporter: megafan favorites like apple's iconic 1984 ad. volkswagen's tiny darth vader. ♪ chrysler's clint. >> halftime america. >> reporter: and one of last year's biggest blockbuster ads,
8:17 am
budweiser's puppy love. >> it transskepds the brand. it becomes part of the zeitgeist and that is what an ad is looking for. >> reporter: now some are releasing their ads well before kickoff to generate pregame buzz. ♪ be the man who ♪ >> reporter: the saga of budweiser's puppy already viewed more than 10 million times on youtube. >> hi i'm kim. >> reporter: kim kardashian's t-mobile selfie spoof watched more than 8 million times. >> please help save the data. >> before it was about generating that big bang. now it's about having the extended conversation around their spot. >> reporter: but not all sneak peeks are online. >> hi how are you? >> reporter: mcdonald's sharing this exclusive preview of their super bowl ad with "good morning america." >> you paid with love and that's all we need. >> reporter: promising free meals across america over the next two weeks at participating
8:18 am
locations. one of many companies hoping you'll be there. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> all right, mara thank you. who better to talk super bowl than our man right here has a ring to prove it. showing it off all morning long. you beat those patriots in 2007. >> yes. >> so many people have had questions and gone to twitter, instagram, facebook to ask michael about his super bowl experiences and let's see here. >> see what i can remember. >> this first question comes from instagram. what's the oddest pregame ritual that you've known a player or team to have? >> well my weirdest thing i used to look at my socks then my socks used to tell me which foot they wanted to go on so i'd lay them on the floor and my sock would go, i'm feeling like the right foot today. if i put it on the wrong foot i felt like i couldn't walk. >> what was the voice of the sock? >> michael, i really would like a right foot today. that's how it sounded.
8:19 am
we had one particular player who had to throw up before -- you'd hear him in the bathroom. >> thank you for sharing that. that's a good one. >> from a mental health perspective, are you still speaking to your socks? >> no now i speak to my pants. >> oh. >> all right. >> which leg i should put in first in the morning. >> okay. >> all right. >> becky on facebook had this one. what is one word of advice you would give to each team? >> pray. >> hmm. >> both teams. >> you know the one word of advice is relax. relax. enjoy it. don't go into the game and be so upset, and it's the super bowl. you have to relax and enjoy it and you can say another game to get through it mentally but, just enjoy it and relax. >> can you pass the ring around so we can all see it? >> yeah keep that camera on that ring so we can figure out if it doesn't come back to me who is the last person who had it. >> what are these chairs coming
8:20 am
from. >> not a yard sale extravaganza. >> wow. we spared no expense. >> no we didn't. >> all right. let's get it over to dan. dan. i mean david, david. >> you know i'll arns to anything. dan is actual will a compliment. time for more on the super commercials. we're about to meet two aspiring entrepreneurs with the ultimate super bowl snack and amazing ads to prove it. both trying to win over "shark tank's" robert herjavec. welcome. >> thank you. >> how do you feel about the ads you created. >> eric osborn holding what his invention is and maia liberman. we'll start with eric's commercial and robert's thoughts on it. here goes. >> go go go go. [ cheers and applause ]
8:21 am
>> i've got a great idea. >> two perfect worlds that should have collided a long time ago. tortilla chips and bacon. bacon in every bite. teamwork you can believe in. game day never tasted so right. >> they are called piggybacks. >> who didn't think of this before. >> who doesn't love bacon? >> you thought the ad was pretty good. >> i loved it. very creative. >> maya looking to top it. see how she does. >> hold. >> greg, have you made the burgers yet? they'll be here any minute. >> okay guy, here's the play. you go to the freezer for the burger master. i'll go to the grill for the long pass. let's go. [ whistle ] >> dad, catch. >> homemade burgers, ready in a flash, heat and eat with the burger master.
8:22 am
>> the burger master versus the piggyback. both ads were great. what did you think of that. >> i loved that one. i love burgers. >> how did you cast it? family. >> cheap labor. >> so what do you think? go ahead and critique them. >> i thought they were both great. creative but i got to pick one. >> let's have a drum roll. a super bowl drum roll and for only one reason -- >> i love bacon. i got to go with bacon. >> yes! >> look at this. >> a little super bowl -- >> real quickly as we go not everyone has millions to spend on a super bowl ad. they created their own ads. i love this creativity. how do you get the word out there. >> the less money you have the more creative you have to be. >> use your family. >> congrats to you both. loved your ads. come on back remember to tune in to "shark tank" 9 oe clok:00 eastern, 8:00 central. feel good friday and one
8:23 am
woman making a big difference. we heard earlier about the arrest of music mogul suge knight after an incident in compton but things are changing there. the california city has long been known for its gangs and being one of the most violent in the country but now the young mayor there is trying to change all that. ♪ inside this brand-new community center in compton, california is the sound of music. ♪ it's a big deal. the very first song played at a new after-school program designed to keep kids safe and sound. >> excellent, guys. >> i developed this program, the mayor helped us develop it. >> reporter: in her second year as mayor, aja brown has injected more than just music into what was once a city plagued with gangs and violence. her own grandmother was murdered in a home invasion in compton. >> i was able to see the impacts that it had on my entire family and especially my mother. >> reporter: after graduating from usc with honors aja worked
8:24 am
in urban planning for ten years and then in 2013 in a landslide was elected mayor at the age of 31. >> the era of pay to play politics in compton is over. >> reporter: mayor brown says in city development meetings she is usually the only woman and often the only african-american woman and greatest lesson comes from her own mother. >> to really be committed and to make sacrifices do something bigger than yourself. >> reporter: she attacked cronyism and backroom deals. >> some people i'm a mean girl but i have thick skin. our crime rate is down 25%. our unemployment rate is down nearly 5% and we also have nearly a thousand new jobs coming into the community. >> reporter: today the sounds of urban renewal can be heard throughout the city. jackhammers at construction sites. >> we're actually bringing some major, major retail to the city of compton as we speak. >> reporter: so straight out of compton where gangster rap once
8:25 am
ruled. ♪ coming straight out of compton ♪ >> reporter: big things are happening, renewed hope and some beautiful music. >> we're proud of our mayor. we love our mayor. she's changing lives and can you feel it. >> i'm excited because i know the best is yet to come. ♪ love me do oh ♪ >> talented youngsters and the mayor knows there's still a lot of work to do in compton and crime and security guards protect that music class and need musical instruments but the hope is to spread the music program throughout compton and get more and more children involved in making their lives better. just a fraction of what mayor brown is doing at the young age of -- >> 32. >> fresh approach. new ideas. >> a winning smile. she's got a winning smile too. >> beautiful inside and out and not afraid and that is what we all need. >> the best is yet to come she said. >> that's it. best is yet to come here
8:26 am
too. emeril lagasse on your favorite game day foods you're going to eat. come on back.
8:27 am
>> good morning fire crews ventilated several montgomery county businesses due to a carbon monoxide leak. this all started with an underground fire at main and swedes streets in norristown. 8:27 january 30, let's get a check of traffic with karen rogers. >> reporter: good morning, tam we're looking good on i-95. we are expecting problems as people exit out for wing bowl. expect closures of i-95 northbound because of the vice president motorcade who is speaking at 10:30 at sheraton society hill. now the delays are near girard where you're traveling at 13 miles per hour. down to the single digits on the schuylkill expressway westbound by the boulevard.
8:28 am
we have a problem in lower merion a water main break causing a problem at spring hill road and old gulph road. we're seeing an accident at villa road or could cow path road. >> time to go outside to david murphy. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan showing the winds are picking up. the snow is off the coast. there's a lingering snow shower up by allentown but it's falling apart. it's above freezing south of the northern tier. the seven day shows a high of 38. that will be around midday. after that the winds roar out of the northwest testers tumble we'll be in the upper 20s by this evening and 11 overnight. saturday sunny cold. sunday evening into monday there's a chance of snow, it might accumulate, keep or eyes on that part of the forecast. >> will do.
8:29 am
we'll check in with karen and david in 30.
8:30 am
♪ i want it i want it i want it ♪ ♪ i want it i want it ♪ ♪ i want it i want it ♪ ♪ right now i want it i want it whoo ♪ >> that's viv revival to perform our own halftime show. this is their national tv debut. we can't wait to hear more and a real quick test. patriots. [ cheers and applause ] >> seahawks. [ cheers and applause ] >> wait, wait. >> david, you and i both worked in boston. i grew up there. go pats. >> go pats. >> what that means it's a football team. >> i got it. >> and also means i will get free drinks. >> we love you, seahawks fans. >> wise gentlemen. pumped up for the big game and audience in the fan cave
8:31 am
fired up too. >> also gearing up for our own extreme challenge. >> yes. >> it's a fan challenge if you will. ginger and i teaming up with some of these fans going head-to-head our game time smackdown taking on an on that cal course. robin, i know you are watching and cheering us both on because you're impartial. >> as always right down the middle. the super bowl is not just about football or even the commercials but a chance to share delicious food with family and friends. time now for our super bowl snack time smackdown. our dear friend emeril is here to show us his take on some of your favorite game day dishes. >> we have had a lot of fun with this and it's amazing how many people are cooking for the super bowl. >> uh-huh. only second to thanksgiving. >> yeah. >> so yahoo! said queso up 500%. >> 550% spike. >> this is my quist on chili kone
8:32 am
con queso and make this amazing cheese sauce from scratch. over tortilla chips or really whatever you want to put it over my friend. let me just tell you that. >> may i? >> yes, indeed. >> is it easy to make. >> it is really easy to make. >> you are eddie to go? >> chicken wings are always popular. >> pinterest, the number one dish on pinterest page. voted "good morning america" and emeril chicken wings. it's amazing how popular they are and these are traditional. there's an asian style that's also very popular on the website, as well. but chicken wing people are rocking out with chicken wings for that. >> the amount of chicken wings that will be consumed this weekend, incredible. off the charts. we went to our website. >> that's right. "gma" in and we asked people and this is what you said the people have spoken. >> the people want to know -- >> oh. >> ribs. this is a traditional -- this is actually e.j.'s ribs that are wrapped but i made a very
8:33 am
special sauce with coffee so rather than just ketchup based we reduce coffee which gives it this amazing flavor with a little sugar, it evaporates and concentrates and you just glaze it over that. that is the number one on "gma's" website. >> they look -- they smell so good. they smell so good. >> i don't know where everyone is so -- >> but all these dishes they're easy to make. absolutely. >> guacamole is up there. so many great dishes that are up there. chips and salsa, pulled pork is -- >> i'm very good at making chips and salsa. that one i can master. >> what do you think? >> this is the -- the queso is beyond incredible. >> make a cream sauce, a bechamel sauce and roasting the chilies is what it's all about. respect those good? >> so you -- coffee beans? >> yeah. >> wow. >> and reduced down so make a good pot of coffee and reduce it
8:34 am
down by half and instead of just being a ketchup base we added -- there is a little bit of ketchup in there but doesn't it taste great? >> i know my ribs. this is really really tasty. how about cooking the ribs? i'm always intimidated. >> how simple this is. season them with essence or whatever salt pepper celery salt wrap them in foil 300 degrees, bake them in the oven for three hours and they get supertender and then you make the sauce on the side. you baste them later on. i have to tell you our girl karen, you know our girl karen. she is an amazing -- amazing, amazing job. >> all these on the website so i can download them at home. >> we'll be ready super bowl sunday. spice up your super bowl party. get these recipes at on yahoo! also follow emeril's hashtag, emeril's game day. >> whoo. >> you'll be set. now ginger has a final check of the weather. >> thank you.
8:35 am
>> you know i'd be in there eating with you guys. we have super fans for super bowl weekend. you guys are fired up respect you? >> yeah. >> yeah you ar windchills are 35 below zero. chicago gets into the snow sunday morning. that storm comes sunday night into monday morning. that's the worst timing for anybody on the road especially in new england and the northeast sunday night for the parts. just something to look forward to and plan ahead for. maybe stay over at your friends house. that's the big picture, let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: thanks a lot
8:36 am
ginger, david murphy here with an update from accuweather. a couple of eroding snow showers up by allentown. that's about it. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast early day high of 38. temperatures plunging. windle picking up this afternoon. makes a good breakfast so i join returning chef ann borrell to judge the breakfast for the champions on worst cooks in america. here's a sneak peek. >> ginger our guest today has tasted all of your food so we'll find out whose eggs got scrambled and who had the breakfast of champions. >> you guys are definitely not the worst cooks in america. i think that title is out there. i would eat those breakfasts any time. i was very impressed with all of the dishes on the red team. but the best breakfast i had -- >> oh you know we can't give that away.
8:37 am
catch "worst cooks in america" sundays on the food network after the super bowl and, lara i'm getting my stretch on. i'm coming for you. >> oh really. ginger oh i see that game face and i match it. yeah ginger and i are about to go head-to-head in our super bowl smackdown. fans in arizona don't have to wait till sunday to have a good time. a lot of great activities planned all weekend long leading up to the big game and our girl amy robach is in phoenix with that story. hi, amy. >> hey, lara. here at the nfl experience you get to feel what it's like to be a player on the field, sort of and we got jesse palmer here. show me how to throw a football like a quarterback. >> the pose important thing first, get an inflated football. there's no cheating in this thing, all right. >> all right. >> got to get the grip right, you'll step forward with your left ago enbe the ball. you got this. >> oh. >> i made it every other time. >> boom! >> you see that guys not just a great anchor also the best
8:38 am
quarterback "gma" has working for us today. >> you could experience this and so much more. watch as we take you behind the scenes of super bowl xlix. >> all right, heading to the super bowl. it is 19 degrees here in times square. i'm told it's going to be in the 70s when i land in phoenix. new york city might be covered in snow but a quick five-hour flight later my window view upgraded. ♪ my super bowl weekend kicking off with the ultimate party at the ultimate nfl experience. and, boy, they sure know how to tail tailgate. if you're up for whatever this is the place to be. >> i'm up for whatever. >> i'm up for whatever. >> reporter: my guide nfl superstar ladainian tomlinson. >> let's go "good morning america." >> there's slingshot football. dunk tank touchdowns even a mini grand canyon but even the most adventurous thrill-seekers need a quick rehydration tank.
8:39 am
mango-r-rita. >> lime-a-rita. >> reporter: i worked up a major appetite. nothing says football like hot dogs. let's take a look inside. ♪ a phoenix must do. short leash hot dogs where they're having their own super bowl on one side of the table, a patriots dog topped with boston baked beans and pulled pork. mm-mm. on the other, the seahawks dog smothered in sriracha and cream cheese. >> i like that too. very different. ♪ >> reporter: and of course no super bowl weekend is complete without the parties. we got the inside hookup into jamie foxx's super bowl extravaganza. and spinning the beats, no other than our very own deejay irie. >> i fell asleep and didn't make it to the parties. i was going to bring some of this bling. >> this is the closest i've been to a super bowl ring
8:40 am
unfortunately but a lot of bling and seems like each and every they are they get blingier. that is the washington redskins. >> seahawks last year reads inside what's next? whoo. >> i tell you what's next right now. thank you. >> jesse just ran off with the rings but we'll see what's in store if the seattle seahawks can pull another one of these come sunday lara. >> i'm so jealous. you look like you're having a ball. looking forward to talking to you again. right now, though i know you'll be rooting for both of us. we're facing off in our game time smackdown at the ultimate football obstacle course. we have seahawks fans we got patriots fans. and we're competing. stay with us.
8:41 am
i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee.
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dunkin's new white chocolate raspberry lattes and coffees. rich white chocolate and fruity raspberry flavors topped with heart-shaped sprinkles. fall in love with one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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♪ never be said that i don't take one for the team every now and again. time to kick off our game time smackdown. it's fan versus fan. the craziest football obstacle course we have ever seen. patriots fan connor. and go head-to-head against seahawks fan, i love your name, sunshine. it is the second most exciting sporting event i dare say so we have an obstacle course for you through the studio and meet your anchors on the other end. may the best team win.
8:44 am
three, two, one. go. [ cheers and applause ] >> watch out, you guys. >> whoo. >> great job. [ cheers and applause ] >> okay. okay. >> these are for you. and these are for you. >> i don't know -- >> listen we always go toe to tight end tow. in our world there are no winners that's why ginger went neutral and so did i. we love the seahawks we love the patriots we love penn state. >> there is a winner. a very clear winner and say this not only because we're patriots fans but because you guys are definitely the winners.
8:45 am
>> good job. >> thank you. >> is there anything you want to say to america? >> the other thing -- >> bring it home. tommy touchdown is going to bring it home for all of us. let's go. >> that was "sportscenter" over here. coming up our "gma" halftime show viv revival performing live and ginger took a wheelbarrow to my knees. come on back. ♪
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
all right, i love that. the replay. watch ginger there. watch that move. into her former friend, david muir. we're going to talk about that later. in the meantime, you've seen the ads and cheered on the crazy obstacle course. now time for the "gma" halftime show and you got to give it up for viv revival. you know the song the hit band getting a lot of love on nfl broadcasts. this is the hit "i want it." ♪ ♪ ♪ i want it i want it whoo i want it i want it ♪
8:49 am
♪ i never make enough to solve my addiction i'm at it again understand i don't need your permission ♪ ♪ whoo ♪ ♪ give it to me now because i want it all now i'm not going to stop now more more give me more ♪ ♪ i want it i want it i want it right now i want it i want it i want it whoo ♪ ♪ i want it i want it i want it right now i want it i want it whoo ♪ ♪ ♪ it may rain because it's wet like a tree whoo ♪ ♪ that's everything in between
8:50 am
whoo ♪ ♪ i don't know i don't care i doeptsn't give but i can say so ♪ ♪ i'll make you scream make you forget but you can have anything ♪ ♪ i want it i want it right now i want it i want it i want it whoo ♪ ♪ i want it i want it i want it right now ♪ ♪ i want it i want it i want it whoo ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i want it i want it i want it i want it ♪ ♪ i want it i want it i said i
8:51 am
wants it ♪ ♪ i want it i want it i want it i want i want it right now ♪ ♪ i want it i want it i want it whoo ♪ ♪ i want it i want it i want it right now ♪ ♪ i want it i want it i want it whoo ♪ ♪ i want it i want it i want it right now i want it i want it yeah ♪ ♪ i want it i want it right now i want it i want it i want it whoo ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:52 am
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8:55 am
>> boom. no problem. got that for you. >> not advised in heels. >> ready. oh. that's how it's done. >> this thing is weighing me down. fantastic. >> and that's how it's done. all right. thank you, amy. thank you, jesse. have a good time and thanks to viv and the revival. ♪ i want it ♪ >> you use the word revival because you think that's a word for everyone. there are new beginnings. your message is about being uplifting. >> absolutely. it's like a fresh start. i was going through a rough time musically and changed the name and i was just like i need a fresh start, a new thing happened and it really helped. you know. >> love it. >> don't we all. >> never, never say die. >> exactly. >> so what was it like playing on "good morning america" this morning. >> it was amazing. >> i'm still like nervous. >> no. >> thank you so much. >> total blast. >> i'm a little tired but it's
8:56 am
good. >> your drummer behind plexiglas. love that. >> incredible. >> thank you to the greatest fans you guys, thank you for being here. >> enjoy the big game. we'll see you on monday. >> good morning, vice president joe biden is in philadelphia thorpg for this morning for the house democratic caucus retreat.
8:57 am
probe spoke yesterday in that session taking place at sheridan society hill. 8:57. i'm tamala edwards. let's go over to karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: this is the schuylkill expressway at south street. we have penndot police, tow truck ahead all on the shoulder. eastbound from the schuylkill expressway jamming to the boulevard to south street. you mentioned vice president biden coming. we'll see delays. it could could coincide with the end of the wing bowl. watch for that. right now we're looking at slow speeds on the betsy ross bridge to girard, 13 miles per hour. in lower merion we have a water main break on spring mill road. bucks county we have an accident involving a car that flipped over twice. a terrible accident on old easton road. >> now it's time to head out to
8:58 am
david murphy, you say you'll feel the temperature drop today. >> reporter: later on this afternoon, the winds will pick up and the temperatures drop. snow showers falling apart but a flurry is possible. temperatures 36 degrees right now in philadelphia. we're going for a high today of 38. that will happen over the next couple of hours. this afternoon strong winds drop in temperature and cold tomorrow. possibility of snow sunday evening. tam. >> thank you david. coming up on "action news" at noon we'll break down the competition at wing bowl 2015. the big game is days away we'll take you live to arizona and the final prep for super bowl 49. i'm tamala edwards, have a great weekend. "live" with kelly and michael is next on 6abc.
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, one of our favorite actors, the talented antonio banderas. television and broadway star ruth wilson. from the biggest winner from the biggest loser. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan. [cheers and applause] ♪


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